Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review: Got Your Nose: A True Story

Got Your Nose: A True Story
Got Your Nose: A True Story by Ragnar

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ever wondered what it would be like if someone actually got your nose when they performed that age-old trick? What would they do with it? Happy Horace finds out the hard way when his twin brother Borris (the bad twin), irritated at Horace's good mood one morning, steals his nose right off of his face and takes it around town, doing the most awful things imaginable to it. A marathon runner's armpit, dog poop, garbage, rotten fish-- nothing is too stinky for Borris to hold Horace's nose to. He even throws it into a beehive and stomps on it! Poor Horace is reduced to following Borris around on his exploits, hoping he'll show mercy. Instead, Borris just laughs-- so Horace swipes his nose right off of his face, and they have a good, old-fashioned Stinkoff. The art is very modern-looking and cartoonish-- the backgrounds don't have outlines, and the characters are almost always depicted in motion. The palate is black and shades of orange, though the characters themselves have blue skin and eyes, which makes them stand out from the scenery. Recommended for grades K-2.

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